Steinerwirt 1493 Zell am See
The hospitality industry of Zell am See developed mainly thanks to the trade over the "Hohen Tauern" and the mining industry. Long time the trade was mainly a barter between the north - salt - and the south - wine and exotic fruits. Many Inn´s in Zell am See, also the Steinerwirt, were dependent on this business, as they needed the Italian Wine for their bars.
The Steinerwirt is registered as house no. 3. Due to this fact it is one of the oldest buildings in the whole region "Pinzgau". The first documentary evidence  goes back to the year 1493, this is also why we have this number in our offical restaurant & hotel name.

We are very proud of our long tradition and it is a pleasure for us, that we may continue it for the next years. As we know the House very well it is a matter of Heart for both of us to keep and develope the quality and tradition at Steinerwirt.